The Best Lindy Hop Experience, Period.

Lone Star Championships at Lindyfest is the largest and most dynamic Lindy event of its kind. This year marks the 23rd annual Lindyfest and the 12th annual Lone Star Championships!

“Where Epic Party Meets World Class Instruction”

Learn from some of the best dancers in the world

Dance all night to amazing bands and DJs

Compete in divisions specific to your level

Watch top-level competitions and performances

March 21-24, 2019

Houston, Texas

And save the date for March 19-22, 2020

New This Year

Late night bandMichael Gamble and the Rhythm Serenaders‘ 8 piece will be playing Saturday night and his 6 piece will play late night!

Team performances – Represent your city/group in our team performances on Thursday night.

Crossover draw contest – Winners of the Newcomer and Intermediate Draw contests will participate in a crossover draw contest with some of our international instructors!

More relaxed schedule – We adjusted the schedule to allow for a more relaxed experience. Most people won’t have early morning track placements, streamlined prelims so they all occur on Friday afternoon, and there is more time for dinner with your friends.

Fleshed out track placements – We’re putting a big investment into track placements so they’ll be relatively painless for you and more accurate for everyone.

New hotelThis awesome hotel has reasonable rates, free parking, and is close to a ton of restaurants.

Organizers goals

Welcome back to Lindyfest 2019!

If you’ve been to Lindyfest over the last few years, you’ve probably heard us mention our focus on community. We’ve been working to cultivate more community in our classes, contests, and overall event with things like our mentor sessions, multi-level draw contests, feedback for newcomer competitors, and free activities for friends and family like our Thursday night dance, watching prelims and inside the dancers’ studio.

We’ll be continuing those along with adding a few more. This year we’re adding a vino and vinyl listening party for people to spend time outside of dancing together, a crossover draw contest so we can mix up the competitors, team performances so more people are able to show what they are working on, and adding focuses to our tracked class material so people can more easily share ideas at the mentor sessions.

Each year we’ve made changes, cut things, added other things – all with community in mind.

Can’t wait to see you in March – we’re excited to see what everyone’s been working on throughout the year and where we can push things at this year’s Lindyfest!

— Tena & Scott