At Lindyfest, our main classes are tracked. To take Level 4 or higher classes, level placement is required. However, once you are placed in a track you’ll still have options of what classes you’d like to take. You’ll be able to take classes in your track, classes below your track level, and “ALL” level classes. See our schedule to see your options.


Beginner’s Track

If you have little to no experience with Lindy Hop, this track is designed for you! Click here for all the info.

Level 2

Beginner/Intermediate classes. You have at least 2-6 months* experience with Lindy Hop and know the basics: 6-count Swing, Lindy swingout, Lindy circle, and side-by-side Charleston. We hope you’ve been out dancing and enjoying what you know. This level is designed for you to reach the next level and will refine and expand your basics and teach you new variations. If you have no Lindy Hop experience, please take our beginner track.

Level 3

Intermediate classes. You have been taking classes consistently and social dancing for about a year*. You have been introduced to connection, musicality, and improvisation. Solid Lindy Hop basics (Lindy swingout, Lindy circle, Texas Tommy, side-by-side Charleston, and tandem Charleston) are necessary. This level is about solidifying what you know, and improving your lead/follow skills, connection, improvisation, movement, and musicality.


Level 4 level placement required

You have a couple of years* of Lindy Hop experience, taken lots of classes, workshops, and social dance frequently. You have a nice repertoire of moves and styling. You have good connection and can adapt to different techniques. In these classes you will learn a lot of new material and improve what you know.

Level 5 level placement required

You have been Lindy Hopping for more than a couple years*. You’ve taken a lot of workshops and likely traveled for many of them. You don’t have to think too much while you are dancing as things come naturally for you. You can connect with most people you dance with. In these classes you will learn new material and dig into technique and musicality.

Level 6 level placement required

Stuff starts to get really hard around this. You’ve probably been dancing over five years*. You understand that to become an advanced dancer you need to go back to the basics. It is not about memorizing patterns, but really understanding challenging techniques and how to move your body. You are a confident dancer, you can create new moves and styling right on the floor. You can handle fast and slow tempos, tricky moves, and can make it all work to the music. These classes will be fast paced and challenging.


Level 7 level placement required

You’ve likely been dancing for a decade*, and you’ve likely tried other dances and learned other styles of movement and techniques. You are competing at national level competitions (ILHC, Camp Jitterbug, Camp Hollywood, Boston Tea Party…) and generally making finals in advanced level contests. You are interested in quality of movement and musicality more than learning a move. You can dance to basically any tempo. These classes will be fast paced and challenging.

Master Class – invitation

You are competing in national level competitions (ILHC, Camp Jitterbug, Camp Hollywood, Boston Tea Party…) and placing at minimum in the top half of the finals. You have reached a level in which you are more interested in the quality of movement than quantity of moves. Teacher critique is expected and welcomed.



*Time frames are only an approximation. Being a good match for the skill description is far more important than the length of time you have been dancing.


Level Placements

If you register for Level 4 through 7, we are holding level placements on Saturday morning. The format will have social dancing and potentially some learning element. No partner is necessary. Each level placement will last approximately 20 minutes. We will stagger the placements – running Level 7, then Level 6, Level 5, and finally Level 4.

Not everyone who tries out will be selected for Level 4 or higher. The judges will be selecting ONLY the people that are being chosen for that level. This will allow the judges to go as fast as possible and not tire anyone out.

You may sign up to do level placements for any level – however, we HIGHLY encourage you to do your best to self-place into the most appropriate level. We want these placements to go as fast so that you do not wear yourselves out before class. But if you sign up for Level 7 and then end up not making the cut for Level 7, or Level 6, or Level 5, and then have to participate in level placements for Level 4, you’d be asked to dance a lot. Which is crazy. Do not do that to yourself!