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As one dancer recently said, “Lindyfest is an institution.” To us, this is a great compliment. For over twenty years, we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to bring you world-class dance instruction from TOP-NOTCH teachers. This year, all our competitions are social-dance competitions, which means less stress (and practice) for competitors and more time social dancing for everyone else. We sincerely hope you’ll join us this year!

For full-weekend registration, we currently have a few spots left in our $219 tier. The at-the-door price is $250, so sign up now and save yourself 31 bucakaroos. Just think what you can do with that money–buy a tank of gas, buy six extra-caffeinated drinks from Starbucks, get a thirty-minute foot massage. Let’s face it–you’re probably going to need all those things for Lindyfest, so you might as well be a smart shopper.

Click here to Register Now.

Lindyfest Instructor Spotlight | Mikey Pedroza

Mikey Pedroza is a powerhouse of a dancer in the world of swing, having competed, performed, and taught American Jazz dances (Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Slow Dancing (Blues), and Solo Jazz) throughout the United States and the world. Mikey’s earned international acclaim for his impeccable style and technical precision. His classes focus on developing individual style and a confident connection through proper lead/follow techniques, rhythm, and body awareness. His vigor for the dance can only be overshadowed by the joy and self-confidence Mikey inspires in his students. He currently co-hosts a Lindy Hop podcast called “The Brightside” with another Lindyfest instructor, Rachel Dahlenburg. Find out more about Mikey at

 Let’s Talk about Classes

The full class schedule is now on the website and offers something for everyone. Click here to check it out! 

This year Lindyfest is offering a number of “bonus classes” in addition to our regular tracked classes. These are all-level classes that anyone can take and include awesome stuff like Aerials, Balboa, Slow Dancing, St. Louis Shag, House Dancing, Chicago Steppin’, and more! Click here for a full list.

Having more class options puts YOU in the driver’s seat. PLUS, you end up getting more for your money. Buying a full-weekend pass is like being given a Gold Card to the Lindy Hop / Dance Mall. Now, let’s go shopping!



Let’s Talk about You 

Lindyfest wants to know your story. We’ve started a series of posts on our Facebook page called #iamlindyfest, in which we highlight individual dancers, competitors, and instructors–people just like you.

This series takes a look at what makes us all human and what makes us a community. If you know someone with a great story you think we need to talk to, send us a message about them through our Facebook page.

Have your own #iamlindyfest story to share? Go for it! Tag us on social media, use our hashtag, and tell us who you are, where you’re from, and when you started dancing and why you love it. If you have a pet frog or your armpits sweat whenever someone asks you to dance, tell us that too!

See you in Texas,

The Lindyfest and Lone Star Championships Crew

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