Registration Opens in Two Weeks!

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Hello everybody!

It’s October, which means it’s time for the Lindyfest organizers to do the spookiest thing there is: dust off Samantha and Alex and have them limber up the ol’ writin’ muscles.

That will probably take a little while, so for now we just want to tell you that registration opens in two weeks, October 15th to be specific. We’ll remind you again closer to the day, but you probably want to start preparing now. If you’re unsure how to prepare, here are some suggestions.

  • Train in your gravity chamber for the speed required to make the first tier.
  • Snip your friends’ internet cables to buy you more time.
  • Roll a few middle school kids for their lunch money, just for some wiggle room.
  • Pack your Little Red Go Bag in case your internet goes out and you have to dash to a coffee shop.

Please note that Lindyfest and its affiliates and subsidiaries in no way endorse the above list. Samantha and I, however, totally do.

Here’s the page to watch, folks. Stay tuned!

-Samantha and Alex and the Lindyfest/Lone Star crew!

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