Lindyfest Starts Tomorrow!

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Word. Get excited. Lindyfest is THIS week. We can’t wait to see you.

Hey all you fancy dancers. We’re glad that you’re a part of Lindyfest, and we we hope to see you this week, whether for a few hours or the entire weekend. Here are a few last-minute details to help make your weekend at Lindyfest even better.

In fact, let’s start with a video from the organizers:

The Official Lindyfest App!

That’s right, Lindyfest has gone digital. This year we have an app (that’s application, not appetizer) in order to make your experiece easier, better, faster, quicker, and all-around improved.

The app is through WHOVA and includes a full class schedule that you can customize based on what classes you wish to take. (We’re saving trees and won’t have printed schedules this year, so the website and this app are the best way for you to know what’s up!) Additionally, there are bulletin boards where you can stay connected, get the latest updates, and NOT MISS A THING. Plus, you can message other attendees. (Make plans, make friends!) That’s right, not only will you be connected on the dance floor, you’ll be connected every minute of the weekend.

Doesn’t that feel great?

Last-Minute Registrations Option

Online registration has closed, but you can still register at the event. Just show up and go to the registration desk. It’s that easy. You can come to just one dance, get a dance-only pass, or register for the whole weekend. Sunday night, which is LINDY AND SOUL NIGHT, is only $20. For more information about pricing, click here.

Community Night (Free Stuff)

Lindyfest kicks off this Thursday (March 15) with Lindyfest Community Night, a free dance for everyone. Come join us. You can’t beat free. Here’s a link to the Facebook event. Additionally, anyone is welcome to watch (for free) the prelim contests on Friday and Saturday (after classes, before the dances), and join us for Inside the Dancer’s Studio on Sunday. Click here for more information.

Code of Conduct

Lindyfest is committed to making sure that all dancers have the best and safest time possible. Click here for our Code of Conduct, and feel free to reach our to the organizers through email, our app, or in person with your questions or concerns.

Instructor Highlight – Bobby White

Bobby White is known worldwide for his individual dance style, expressive teaching methods, and floppy hair.

He is a passionate dancer of Balboa, Lindy Hop, and Solo Jazz and has won many national and international championship placements in those dances, which he teaches all over the world. His welcoming nature and humorous personality are complemented by his passion for the dance and in-depth instruction.

He is dedicated to exploring the art form and history of swing dance, as shown through his well-read blog, Swungover, and the story-telling talks that he delivers at events.

Click here to find out more about Bobby.

One Last Thing

We can’t thank you enough for all of your support over the years. Whether you’ve been to one Lindyfest or twenty, you’re part of our story, just as we are part of yours. While at the event, please tag your photos #iamlindyfest so we can find out more about you and share in and celebrate your experiences.

See you in Texas, Partner,

The Lindyfest and Lone Star Championships Crew

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