In addition to our tracked classes, we host a variety of “ALL” level classes. These allow you an opportunity to choose the classes you’d like to attend and get to know more of the attendees at the event – not just those in your track. While these classes say “ALL” levels, some will be harder than others and we will have suggested leveling listed on the schedule.

This year, we have a special Elective Hour completely filled with “ALL” level classes covering a wider range of topics than we’ve ever had before. Here is a taste of the types of classes we’ll be hosting.


Organized Practice

In our practice session you’ll be assigned a group with other attendees from various levels. This group will be led by various master-level attendees. You’ll get to work on some of what you’ve learned from classes thus far and learn from others in the group.


We have eight hours of Balboa instruction with diverse material for beginner to advanced dancers. Taught by Sylvia Sykes, Kelly Arsenault, Mickey Fortanasce, and Bobby White!

Slow Balboa

Learn the basics and beyond of Slow Balboa in two classes. Taught by Kelly Arsenault and Mickey Fortanasce!

Competition Feedback

A group class with feedback for the dancers in the Newcomers competition. Learn what judges look for in a contest and how that impacts your overall dancing. Taught by Mikey Pedroza.


Rhythm, style, choreography. Two classes. Taught by Alice Mei, Naomi Uyama, Skye Humphries, and Remy Kouakou Kouame!

Followers and Leaders Only

Two classes – one for leads and one for follows. Learn styling that will take your basics to the next level. Taught by Alice Mei, Jo Hoffberg, Skye Humphries, and Remy Kouakou Kouame!


Learn beginner and more advanced tap in two classes. Taught by Matt Shields!

House Dance

Learn to move more than just your feet. And for some killer music. Taught by LaTasha Barnes!

Body Wellness

Taking care of a dancer’s body is as important as learning how to move it. Learn specific techniques to help avoid injury and recover faster. Taught by LaTasha Barnes!

St. Louis Shag

One class where you will learn the basics and beyond of St. Louis Shag. Taught by Jenna Applegarth and Jon Tigert!


Learn some basic to more complicated aerials. Must have solid lead and follow skills. Taught by Jenna Applegarth and Jon Tigert!

History Talk

Videos and history of some of the best Southern California Lindy Hop and Balboa dancers. Hosted by Bobby White!

Running Competitions

Everything you want to know about running and judging a contest. We’ll run a mock contest where you participate by judging or competing. See how the contest is setup, judged, scored, relatively placed, and the final results are determined. Hosted by Scott Angelius!

Detroit Ballroom

Learn the basics of Detroit Ballroom from the master Drewry Alexander. “The Phenom” will help you get your groove on!

Chicago Stepping

Come learn to dance to R&B music with Chicago Stepping. Be there to get set for our Sunday night dance! Drewry Alexander “The Phenom” will help you get your groove on!