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Today is Wednesday, my dudes

Samantha and I have been going to Lindyfest for a long time. It’s our favorite event ever. Part of the reason is that they continue to innovate while honoring their roots, which is sort of what we should all be trying to do with our dancing, right? And the roots of Lindyfest will always be the classes.

What’s that?


Here’s what you need to know about classes.

There are no tryouts on Friday. That means nobody has to worry about the inevitable weirdness that comes from having two different days of tryouts. It also means that it’s up to you to decide which level fits you best. For Saturday and Sunday workshops you only have to try out for level 4 and above. As usual, Master-level classes are by invitation.

The real Lindyfest-y bit is the choice, though. No matter what track you choose (or are chosen by), you have options for how you want to grow. From electives to practice time to lower level classes, you’re sure to have one of those classic Lindyfest “a ha” moments! And I’m serious about those lower level classes–I’ve gotten a ton out of taking beginner classes, learning teaching techniques or working on foundational skills or even just taking a breather from working and instead focusing on making friends with new people.

Oh did I mention electives?
I guess it’s a good time to call out some particularly awesome ones. Two stand out to me at the moment:

House Dance – Why should you take this class? Three reasons: Killer music. Becoming a well-rounded, badass dancer. LaTasha “Is There Anything She Can’t Do” Barnes

In that order.

Chicago Stepping – Come learn to dance to R&B music with Drewry Alexander. “The Phenom” will help you get your groove on!

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Musician Highlight

We’re happy to welcome back the Brooks Prumo Orchestra this year! The Brooks Prumo Orchestra embodies a big band dance orchestra of the Swing era – featuring arrangements of long-lost big band tunes, original compositions, and crowd favorites. Filled with world-class musicians, the band will evoke thoughts of Count Basie, Earl Hines, Andy Kirk, and Billie Holiday.

See them in action!


Remember how at Lindyfest we’re all about social dancing? And remember how last year we introduced our Swing Dance Battle to replace the strictly? Well we’re definitely keeping that up, and we’re also structuring the competitions so that you, dear reader, have the absolute maximum level of social dancing time. If you forgot or are new to Lindyfest, here’s what you need to know.

Swing Dance Battle

This competition tests you and your partner’s versatility. Finalists dance to a live band, and this year we’ll have two levels: open and invitational. The couple that can kill it at fast, medium, and slow tempos, using any swing flavors they feel like, will be crowned the Best in Show Swing Dance Battle Crown Haver Star-amundos! That’s what they’ll be called. Scott or Tena will say that, out loud, when they present trophies. You can consider that an official, legally binding announcement.

Lindy Luck of the Draw

Join as an individual. Rotate during prelims. Kill it. Make it to finals. Randomly draw a partner. Dance in the spotlight. Kill it. Win as a team.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Balboa Battle

This social dance competition is open to anyone. In the prelims there will be one round for pure balboa and one for bal-swing. Finalists dance any-bal-goes to a live band!

Sound fun? Dang right it does! Get more info and sign up here!

See you in Texas,

Samantha and Alex and The Lindyfest and Lone Star Championships Crew

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