Beginner’s Track

Are you ready to learn Lindy Hop? Or know someone who’s eager to learn but can’t commit to weekly classes?

We have a special Beginner Track specifically designed for people with little to no experience with Lindy Hop. You’ll get a crash course in the basics of Swing and Lindy Hop, watch amazing competitions, and dance to top notch bands and DJs.

Beginner’s lessons are Saturday March 17th, 2018. You’ll learn 6-count Swing and solo movements that will get you on the dance floor that night. Registration is only $59 and includes 4 hours of instruction from Nicole and Carl, entrance into the Saturday night dance, and watching the Saturday afternoon and evening contests.

If you would like more, then our Beginner Plus Track is for you. In addition to the Saturday classes, you’ll get 4 hours of classes on Sunday March 18th, 2018 and learn 8-count Lindy Hop which will set you up for the rest of your dance journey. Registration is $89 and you’ll gain entrance into the Sunday night dance and be able to watch the Sunday afternoon and evening contests – including our famous Invitational Draw, where some of the world’s best dancers randomly draw their partners and music.

Also, for both the Beginner Track and the Beginner Plus Track, we have a couple of free extras for you and your fiends. Come early to our Thursday night dance and get in free. And then attend our ‘Inside the Dancer’s Studio’ on Sunday, which is our take on the classic ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’, where we interview some of the legends of our dance.

Nicole Zuckerman

Nicole Zuckerman

Nicole’s first foray into teaching Lindy Hop occurred in 2004, but she’s been hooked on dance since she was 5, doing time steps everywhere she goes. You can’t miss the sense of fun and whimsy in her dancing. Along with her light-hearted steps, she keenly articulates concepts like technique and musicality in an accessible way, with enthusiasm and the occasional sound effect.

She’s currently teaching Lindy Hop and vernacular jazz in San Francisco at The 920 Special, and availing herself of the great dance instruction in the Bay Area with classes in Hip Hop and Vogueing.

Carl Nelson

Carl Nelson

Carl Nelson has been a dancer since 2001 focusing on lindy hop, charleston and other traditional jazz dances from the 1920s to the 1940s. He has won numerous competitions all over the country, taught at events ranging from small local classes to large national events, and has performed for a variety of organizations and events. He has also trained in modern jazz, tap, and funk styles.

His dance style is dynamic and innovative, focusing on the natural mechanics of the body and the rhythm and mood of the music he is dancing to. As a teacher he is thorough and clear in explaining and connecting movements and concepts to students in a manner that they understand from their daily life.

Beginner – $59

  • 4 hours of instruction on Saturday
  • Saturday night contests and dance


Beginner-Plus – $89

  • Beginner Track, plus:
  • 4 hours of instruction on Sunday
  • Sunday night contests and dance