2010 Results

Newcomer J&J

1st – Alex Cloutier and Megan Richardson

2nd – Jason Hizon and Sarah Simon

3rd – Aleck Wright and Jennifer Monk

Intermediate J&J

1st – Chia-Wen Lin and Hyunjae Oh

2nd – Yossef Mendelssohn and Mallory Grigg

3rd – Alexander Fernandez and Laura Brewer

Advanced J&J

1st – Patrick Wall and Jenna Stworzyjanek

2nd – Hunter Demaray and Shannon Jabczynski

3rd – Carlos Vidal and Mary Freitag

All-Star Invitational J&J

1st – Todd Yannacone and Naomi Uyama

2nd – Juan Villafane and Laura Glaess

3rd – Peter Strom and Nina Gilkenson

Solo Charleston

1st – Juan Villafane

2nd – Sharon Davis

3rd – Dax Hock

Strictly Blues

1st – Jeramie Anderson and Evita Arce

2nd – Mikey Pedroza and Alice Mei

3rd – Carl Nelson and Jenna Stworzyjanek

Open Strictly Lindy

1st – Anthony Chen and Hyunjae Oh

2nd – Paul Echevarria and Rebecca Brightly

3rd – Alexander Fernandez and Mallory Grigg

Advanced Strictly Lindy

1st – Jonathan Jow and Vanessa Shields

2nd – Patrick Wall and Mary Freitag

3rd – Stephen Jean and Karri Martin

All-Star Invitational Strictly Lindy

1st – Nick Williams and Nina Gilkenson

2nd – Todd Yannacone and Alice Mei

3rd – Andrew Thigpen and Karen Turman